The Appeal of Anime

The Appeal of Anime

Anime continues to soar in global popularity. From television and online shows to books and magazines, anime is loved and enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Its appeal is simply based on gripping storylines, along with larger than life characters. No truer is this then when it comes to Japanese anime or manga. For decades, these publications and cartoons have attracted and engaged countless fans from across the world. From Pokemon to Pikachu, people simply love the unique characters and artwork behind these publications and books. So much so that they have dedicated their spare time to collecting trading cards, stickers, action figures, comic books, and so much more.

Anime Styles and Genre

Over the years, anime styles and genres have continued to evolve. Some of the early anime concepts and characters were based on video games. This trend continues to soar, however, the advent of media technologies have also added much needed depth and stylization to characters. From kids to adults, animated movies is also drawing in billions of dollars each year. Whether from Japan, U.S.A, or other parts – animated movies have also won countless awards of the years. This includes “Mulan”, along with the early hits like “Bambi” and “Dumbo”. The Japanese airbrush style illustration also heavily influenced anime styles and designs as we know it today.


Anime Networks and Shows

There are several TV and cable shows dedicated to anime as well. From Saturday morning cartoons to late night adult features, fans can enjoy a range of animated programs from all styles and ratings. There are even anime conventions held throughout the world as well. These events brings fans from all over the world, and are perfect for making new friends and meeting old ones. If you love anime and want to network with other fans, there are so many events taking place every month!